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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Programming Of Life

For the science buffs that enjoyed the science elements of Elijah Hael - The Genetic Code, the vide "Programming of Life"  that discusses "The Genetic Code" more in depth may be of interest. They even briefly discuss "Junk DNA"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why no updates?

Been busy with work, I do apologise for not making more frequent posts to keep people update to date with future novels, and the goings on in the life of a software developer.

It's been a busy 12 months.  Over the period I have developed the following for current and new clients.

Aeropower AMS update to Aeropower AMS 5 including a new Data Entry system

ATAME - An online based cloud trust account auditing system.  ATAME is short for Auditing Trust Accounts Made Easy.  The client will be releasing this project shortly and I'll provide links to the relevant websites at that time.

TeacherAID - A system designed for teachers to aid in the responsibilities of running a classroom.  When the client releases this to the public I'll provide links to the relevant website.

Further work with DataTrap, Tunnel Teach and a new system called CivilTrap.  They are advanced engineering packages designed for real time data integration and adaptation from the field.  The systems allow feedback in real time for monitoring construction projects.  Part cloud based, part desktop, they are exciting systems to work on.

TrackerFly - A new cloud based project for a client to be released later this year.  Will discuss this further when the release date becomes a bit closer.

aHelp - An early personal alert system designed to ensure emergency services can locate and respond to distress calls supported by cloud technology and advanced locating devices that work indoors and out.

oneFlow Pro - Developing for Dental Depot using our oneFlow project as the base to handle their full accounting, inventory control and service management requirements.  Dental Depot have been using the system I designed nearly two decades ago called Argosoft Accounting and require a suitable replacement.  Hence they have contracted myself to produce that.  The system incorporates some really neat advanced technology taking Accounting, Inventory Control and Service management to completely new dynamic ways of management, leaving legacy systems behind.  oneFlow can be run in Microsoft Azure Cloud or on local desktops allowing the user to choose what works best for them, and in some cases a mixture of both.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Roses are Red

During the course of my daily adventures online, I discovered a quaint little jewelry shop called Roses are Red. On entering the rose themed online shop, the intricate nature of the pieces caught my curiosity.  Each item themed with a story to tell, jumped from the page, begging to stir the imagination. Before long I had a few too many items in the shopping cart. With pangs on anguish, I hit the remove button to bring the contents back to a more acceptable level.

In the end, I settled for the below two delicate pieces, which my daughter adores.  And as I thought they would, they take her dreams to new inspiring places.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Conversations With A Christian - Available Now

Take a seat and listen in on conversations with a Christian. Five short discussions around 1000 words each take the reader through faith and doubt, suffering, moral based business decisions, faith in everyday life and signs a person is struggling.

The reader will be uplifted and empowered by the results of each conversation and leave them with valuable
insight on how to assist themselves or others.

Available from

Smashwords (free)

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Amazon - Kindle (up to 99cents)

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Monday, June 09, 2014

12 Years A Slave.

Tough movie to watch. To witness the shear brutality humans can delivery to other humans is, to me, difficult to comprehend.  What possesses a person to commit such evil acts, and then in twisted divisive ways use God to justify their actions? Truly warped.

Brad Pitt plays an significant role by the name of Bass in the movie, although very brief, talking to Epps about the inequality of slavery.  Important words. Here is the transcript from that brief part. 

“I tell you what it is Epps,” said Bass, “it’s all wrong—all wrong, sir—there’s no justice nor righteousness in it. I wouldn’t own a slave if I was rich as Croesus, which I am not, as is perfectly well understood, more particularly among my creditors… But this question of Slavery; what right have you to your niggers when you come down to the point?”

“Sophia – The missing years (working title)”

“Sophia – The missing years (working title)”, my fourth novel in the Elijah Hael series opens with a chapter leaving those with a relationship with Christ flooded with endorphins. An experience takes place between the main protagonist, Sophia, and Jesus Christ. A situation so personal, some describe, holds the potential to carry the reader into the presence of Christ.

Throughout the novel Sophia walks by Jesus’s side who manifests himself as an unlikely character. This creates a personal relationship, a bond, between Christ and Sophia which the reader can share.

The story unfolds God’s own aching heart for fallen Angels, the catalyst for Shadows, and continues to reveal God’s own personal struggles as He watches sections of humanity consumed by sin.

Bold, daring, and personal this novel goes beyond adventuress bringing to life the true God given potential of Sophia. A capacity we all share.

Prepare yourself to walk by Christ’s side with Sophia and Michael in a novel that will lighten your world.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Wolfenstien - The New Order (I Believe)

I believe.  The ending song to the Video Game Wolfenstein The New Order.  A game set in an alternate world where Germany won the world and is run by the Nazi’s.

This game certainly pushes the boundaries of the R18+ rating in regards to graphic nature of warfare.  In many ways it reminded me of the movie Saving Private Ryan.  Some games have gore simply for the effect, this game though appears to of implemented it more in the line of the way Saving Private Ryan did.  To demonstrate the horrific nature of war.  When the protagonist slits an enemy’s throat with a dagger you experience the impact and desperation the action has, and in many ways sense the aggression behind the willingness to want to do it.  All due to the situation the setting has put the gamer inside.

Mixed amongst the story is a love story of sorts haltering on the dream of living a normal life.  Behind this tier of narration there is an underlying theme demonstrating the struggle of faith.  Belief in God. How can God allow a world in which they find themselves in.  While subtle, those that understands the concept of God and suffering will relate to the experience on a different level than the average gamer.  The writers involved in the creation of the story no doubt understand belief to some degree.  This is also demonstrated in another scene where a scientist talks about creating stuff for God as a way to recognise God’s ultimate power.  The portrayal of God, and belief, or lack their off, in the various scenes was very interesting and well done.  At the end of the game, the closing song “I believe” written by Chris Isaak and sung by Melissa Hollick tops off the story.

A line that sticks with me is “I believe the Angels listens, God hears us pray, and I believe in a beautiful day.”
And, “Yeah, I believe it is going to work out ok, but not for me, and not for you.”

The game in many ways reminded me of the struggles in my novels “Elijah Hael – The Last Judgement”, “Elijah Hael – The Genetic Code” and "The Angelic Gene".  The song I believe suits them.

I believe the stars keep shining all through the night.
I believe if we just keep trying it will be alright.
I believe that someday we're gonna find our way.
And I believe in a beautiful day.

I believe in lovers walking side by side.
I believe that someday we'll be satisfied.
I believe the angels listen god hears us pray.
And I believe in a beautiful day.

Yeah I believe it's gonna work out ok.
But not for me, and not for you.
I believe, I believe, I believe.
I believe, I believe, I believe.

I believe there's an answer waiting when the day is done.
I believe if you just keep searching you'll find someone.
I believe that you and I just lost our way.
And I believe in a beautiful day.

I still believe in a beautiful day.
But not for me, and not for you.

I know your tried, and I tried to.
Sometime all our dreams just don't come true.

I believe, I believe, I believe.
I believe, I believe, I believe.
Oh...Oh...Beautiful day