Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank you

First let me start by thanking all the people that have been kind enough to send me feedback on my novel “Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement”.  The response to my first novel has been better than I could have expected.  I believed it was always going to be a challenge to get people to read a novel from an “unknown author” so I’m constantly surprised when I receive feedback from people around the world saying they enjoyed the novel.  My novel is just one in amongst an ocean of choices for people.  It’s a privilege for me when someone reads my novel and I’m very thankful to those that take the time to read it.

In response to the feedback I thought I would put together a quick blog entry on how the new book is coming along.

The second book involving Elijah Hael is well underway.  The novel revolves around two new characters, Nya and Isaac.  Nya works for ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) as a Cryptologist and Isaac is her boyfriend.  Nya, over the last decade has been working on a software system which, to her surprise and that of others, quickly ends up being something she wished she had never started.  It attracts the attention of some undesirables that puts her and Isaac in mortal danger thus beginning the adventure.

Castiel and Sophia make a return along with Elijah who plays a major role.  Nemamiah and Araton also appear along with Frank who plays a much more active role this time around. 

The novel tackles questions such as Does God heal? Why doesn’t God heal everyone? Why do people suffer and several other thought provoking experiences for the characters in the novel and hopefully the readers.
It’s much more action orientated than the first Novel while still providing deep character development and personal experiences.  It will not be necessary to have read Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement but it would be of benefit.  It will provides deeper background development in regards to knowing the existing characters by allowing the reader to experience what they have already been through.  It also provides further exploration of places like Elysium.  While Elysium is in the second novel the reader will experience some existing and new locations within it.
Writing the second novel has been more of a challenge as I want to ensure that people who have experienced the first novel will enjoy the second as much if not more than the first.  The first novel created a benchmark, that as an author, I want to ensure the second novel exceeds.  That’s the difficult part.  The characters have history that I want to protect and continue on and further develop, but also develop them with what the readers would expect and enjoy.  There are a few twists and turns that will certainly surprise the reader and cause inner questions in their own mind.
For those in Australia, expect to experience some Australian places, history and landmarks in the story.

Well I have to get back to writing, will do a further update in the near future.  If you haven’t read Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement, grab a copy and give it a read or pick up the audible version and give it a listen from

Monday, December 17, 2012


Elijah Hael & The Last judgement, my first novel, is making an impact in many different countries, some unexpected, here is a list of some of the countries people are reading it.  United States of America, United Kingdom, Philippines, Australia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Iran, South Africa, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Ukraine, Italy, South Korea, Canada, Ethiopia and Morocco.   The top 20 cities are London (United Kingdom), Brisbane (Australia), Manchester (England), Birmingham (England), Davao City (Philippines), Detroit MI (United States), Los Angeles CA (United States), Dayton (United States), Houston (United States), Conventry (England), Antipolo (Philippines), Thomasville AL(United States), Fort Worth TX (United States), Quezon City, Chennai (India), Makati (Philippines), Chicago, Manila, Calamba (Philippines) and Brooklyn NY (United States).

Saturday, November 03, 2012

The moving song "What Love Really Means" by JJ Heller is featured in a scene involving Jeremy & Castiel in my novel  Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement.

Monday, October 29, 2012

New Website for Elijah Hael

Spents this morning designing a new website for Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement novel.  It turned out well, I'm happy with it.  I had been wanting to get to it for some time.

Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement Review #3

Review from Amazon

"I've known Steve for several years, he is a great guy and has helped me with a number of projects over the years and I was surprised to see that he had written a novel and was eager to check it out. Steve is a class act and what ever he puts his name on you can rest assured it's going to be of high quality. On reading Elijah Hael and The Last Judgement I found it quite fascinating and interesting, and for his first novel, it's very well done. Can't wait to read the next one. "

Jared Mann

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement - Review #2

from Amazon / Goodreads

"I found Elijah Hael and The Last Judgement a thoroughly enjoyable book to read. I was deeply invested in the characters of the book, which, when I read a novel it is what I am looking for. While I received advanced copies of the manuscript before editing, I still found the plot easy flowing and characters engaging. I found my emotions were stirred constantly throughout the book (yes, I shed a tear or two), and the book was very hard to put down once I began reading.

If you are looking for a novel that includes some of the following elements: faith, love, forgiveness, joy, sadness, sacrifice, adventure and action, then I would highly recommend this book for you."

Andrew Argent

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement - Review

Review from Goodreads / Amazon
"I have had the privilege to see an advanced copy of the manuscript for this book. I have read this book four times so far. The author has put a lot of work into this novel and it shows. Many first time authors make plot mistakes, or there are a lot of errors that make the novel hard to read. None of that is present here. The characters are very engaging and you constantly want to know what is going to happen to the main character Elijah. A lot of thought and research went into writing this novel.

I would highly recommend this novel to someone who is looking for a good story that is built around morals and decency which is lacking in a lot of contemporary literature. There are a lot of faith based elements here, but it never gets too preachy. There is also a fair amount of action and adventure throughout the novel. The book is a fun read and I enjoyed it a lot. "
Brady McDonald


It's been in the making for some time but it's nearly finished.  oneFlow is a new type of Accounting system designed for the single user, contractors, free lancers, private use, or small business.  It takes the hassle out of Accounting and puts the user in control.  No more General Ledger accounts.  I devised a much easier and much more flexible system while still being able to produce a Profit & Loss.  No End of year routines, no posting, nothing is fixed.  Everything is dynamic allowing editing and updating at any time.

Interested in trialing it ? let me know.  It runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8.

Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement

It's availabe, after months of labouring, working with editors my first novel Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement is out.

Here is the back of the book Blurb.

“What is your name?”

Elijah looked around, puzzled. He wondered who the man who was asking him questions was and how he had gotten here—wherever he was.

“My name?”

“Yes, your name,” the man said. “What is it?”

Elijah looked at the man seated across the small rather old wooden desk from him and said, “Elijah. Elijah Hael. But, wait, how did I get here?”

I will be asking the questions,” the man said in a stern but matter-of-fact tone. “You will be answering them.”

Elijah nodded.

Thus began the merciless interrogation. Confused and disoriented, Elijah Hael scrambled to defend himself for various crimes he was not even aware he had committed. It seemed that all would be lost ... until a mysterious stranger bearing an envelope entered the room. And in that instant everything changed, in ways that Elijah Hael and those who read his story could never anticipate or imagine.

Join Elijah Hael on his spellbinding and unforgettable journey and discover, with him, the answers to a host of questions: Where is Elijah Hael? Is he innocent, guilty, pardoned? Who is the mysterious stranger? What is in the envelope? Why has Elijah been set free and at what cost?

See for further details