Thursday, October 25, 2012

Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement

It's availabe, after months of labouring, working with editors my first novel Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement is out.

Here is the back of the book Blurb.

“What is your name?”

Elijah looked around, puzzled. He wondered who the man who was asking him questions was and how he had gotten here—wherever he was.

“My name?”

“Yes, your name,” the man said. “What is it?”

Elijah looked at the man seated across the small rather old wooden desk from him and said, “Elijah. Elijah Hael. But, wait, how did I get here?”

I will be asking the questions,” the man said in a stern but matter-of-fact tone. “You will be answering them.”

Elijah nodded.

Thus began the merciless interrogation. Confused and disoriented, Elijah Hael scrambled to defend himself for various crimes he was not even aware he had committed. It seemed that all would be lost ... until a mysterious stranger bearing an envelope entered the room. And in that instant everything changed, in ways that Elijah Hael and those who read his story could never anticipate or imagine.

Join Elijah Hael on his spellbinding and unforgettable journey and discover, with him, the answers to a host of questions: Where is Elijah Hael? Is he innocent, guilty, pardoned? Who is the mysterious stranger? What is in the envelope? Why has Elijah been set free and at what cost?

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