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Thursday, December 20, 2012


People ask me what I’m doing for Christmas and I quite often reply “Spending time being thankful for Jesus Christ.”  They kind of look at me blankly, unless they do to.  Even if you’re an atheist or agnostic then take all the religious connotations away from “Jesus Christ” and just consider him to be a normal human being.  Then focus on what he did, why he did it, what he taught and that he gave his own life to ensure those teachings would be remembered.  The way he defended the weak, the poor and the less fortunate. Jesus deserves our respect, thoughts and thanks. The remarkable thing is Jesus continues to help many people from a path of destruction in life.   This life.  I’m not just talking about when people die, but this life.  I see people transform their lives from serious depression and anxiety by turning to what Jesus Christ taught then following it.  It literally gives them back their lives and those around them.  I’ve seen that relationship with Jesus and his teachings fix marriages, prevent suicides, give peace to those inflicted with cancer and other diseases, heal broken hearts, comfort people in need and many other positive things.  The truth is getting to know who Jesus is and what he taught does a lot for a person, and spending Christmas thinking about that with family is a great way to spend it.   Do yourself a favour this Christmas, if you haven’t already, grab a Bible (New International Version or New Living Translation) and read the New Testament, get to know Jesus, get to know why Christmas is Christmas.

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