Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thank you

First let me start by thanking all the people that have been kind enough to send me feedback on my novel “Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement”.  The response to my first novel has been better than I could have expected.  I believed it was always going to be a challenge to get people to read a novel from an “unknown author” so I’m constantly surprised when I receive feedback from people around the world saying they enjoyed the novel.  My novel is just one in amongst an ocean of choices for people.  It’s a privilege for me when someone reads my novel and I’m very thankful to those that take the time to read it.

In response to the feedback I thought I would put together a quick blog entry on how the new book is coming along.

The second book involving Elijah Hael is well underway.  The novel revolves around two new characters, Nya and Isaac.  Nya works for ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) as a Cryptologist and Isaac is her boyfriend.  Nya, over the last decade has been working on a software system which, to her surprise and that of others, quickly ends up being something she wished she had never started.  It attracts the attention of some undesirables that puts her and Isaac in mortal danger thus beginning the adventure.

Castiel and Sophia make a return along with Elijah who plays a major role.  Nemamiah and Araton also appear along with Frank who plays a much more active role this time around. 

The novel tackles questions such as Does God heal? Why doesn’t God heal everyone? Why do people suffer and several other thought provoking experiences for the characters in the novel and hopefully the readers.
It’s much more action orientated than the first Novel while still providing deep character development and personal experiences.  It will not be necessary to have read Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement but it would be of benefit.  It will provides deeper background development in regards to knowing the existing characters by allowing the reader to experience what they have already been through.  It also provides further exploration of places like Elysium.  While Elysium is in the second novel the reader will experience some existing and new locations within it.
Writing the second novel has been more of a challenge as I want to ensure that people who have experienced the first novel will enjoy the second as much if not more than the first.  The first novel created a benchmark, that as an author, I want to ensure the second novel exceeds.  That’s the difficult part.  The characters have history that I want to protect and continue on and further develop, but also develop them with what the readers would expect and enjoy.  There are a few twists and turns that will certainly surprise the reader and cause inner questions in their own mind.
For those in Australia, expect to experience some Australian places, history and landmarks in the story.

Well I have to get back to writing, will do a further update in the near future.  If you haven’t read Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement, grab a copy and give it a read or pick up the audible version and give it a listen from

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