Thursday, January 10, 2013


Another great review on my novel "Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement"

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was an easy read and had a great storyline from the beginning. I am just a few pages from finishing it and am disappointed there is not another book out yet.

The concept of the book was interesting to me, as it parallels my beliefs about the "shadows". The book could be interpreted as a fantasy story, or faith based, and would appeal to a wide variety of readers and age groups. I originally picked up this book for free, but after reading it I would definitely pay $2.99 for it, as I will probably read it over and over again. Interpreting it as a faith based book, I liked the many little messages it delivered in such a simple, fun way. Please write another one soon!

Reighnie (via Amazon)

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