Thursday, February 14, 2013


Now the manuscript is finished for Elijah Hael's second adventure it's time to work on some promotional material while revising the manuscript before it goes off to the editors.

The assigned manuscript readers have finished reading the draft, and they all love it, saying it is more enjoyable than the first Elijah Hael novel.  Which I'm very pleased to hear!

As you can see in the image below, currently I've called Elijah's second adventure, "The Genetic Code."  It's a tough one to decide on as quite a bit happens in the novel and several different names would suit.  So it may change yet, will have to wait and see!  A couple of manuscript readers are tossing around ideas and they may come up with a better choice.

Today I started designing some posters and potential book covers.  Here is one that I've done up.  This is just a play around and not likely to be the final cover, but will be used for some promotions.

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