Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Editor's Impression

Just received the manuscript back from my editor for Elijah Hael - The Genetic Code. His impression of my second novel,
"It is a wonderful book. As much as I enjoyed The Last Judgement, I must say that I found TGC to be much richer in terms of characterization, plot execution, and general novel craft. Your readers will not experience any sophomore letdown, i.e., the common complaint that second books disappoint. In fact, I'm quite sure that they will be as delighted as I was to find it even better than its predecessor. I laughed at times, kept turning the pages, and stopped editing momentarily and read the bittersweet end with a tear in my eye. Congratulations, my friend, on a job very very well done." - Scott

I was holding my breath while reading his impressions. But it's all good and somewhat a relief.

Now I'll review the edits, then a final proof read happens, and finally the manuscript will be off to the various publishing outlets. Not long now until I'm able to share this new adventure with you, the readers. I’m excited!

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