Saturday, May 18, 2013

Windows Phone App for Elijah Hael: The Last Judgement

Been working on the 'Elijah Hael: The Last Judgement' Windows Phone App. Basically it’s the complete Audible version of Elijah Hael, narrated by Markham Anderson, broken down into the chapters. Each chapter has a unique image which displays along with the chapter. The App remembers the current chapter a person is on, and the position in the chapter. The software allows a user to quickly skip forwards and backwards between chapters, and to any position within a chapter. Also as a bonus, I’m adding three audio musical soundtracks stylised to particular scenes from within the novel. Should have most of the App finished tomorrow, designing the photos, and splitting the audio takes some time but I've finished the main programming. Once that is complete, I’ll submit it to the Windows Phone App store. Should be available by the end of the month, if not earlier. The App will be free as a thank you to the fans of Elijah Hael.

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