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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Evil Despicable Me

The story behind “Evil Despicable Me”.  Well evil to some, loveable to others.  Anyway on the way to the cinema yesterday, a little early, one of those crane machines caught my eye.  So I slipped in some money and started to move the arm.  Oh Oh, the arm would only move forward and backwards down the centre. Then, unnoticed before, I read a business card sized sign, stuck on the glass to the right “Out of order.”  Suddenly the chances of winning a reward from the crane machine, typically difficult to begin with, became seemingly impossible.  After all the crane couldn’t even move over to the exit shoot to drop a prize.  So, using the money I had inserted, the refund button wouldn’t work, I moved the crane slightly forward and pressed the drop button.  By some fluke, the crane landed at a funny angle, nuzzled it’s way “Between” a couple of toys, and on the way up snagged, then flipped, yes flipped, “Evil Despicable Me” down the exit chute.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  What seemed like a hopeless endeavour, became possible.  I think he is loveable, even if deemed “Evil.”  Although my 10 year old daughter thinks otherwise and refuses to have him in her bedroom. 

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