Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hoping he is with his mates now

"Hi Steve, just wanted to thank you for my copy of The Genetic Code. Your first book was timely and comforting due to Jeff’s first born son, Neil, being really ill and losing his battle for life at 36 years of age. A lovely young man. He was in the British army. His tank got bombed in Afghanistan, lost all his mates, he was the sole survivor, and never got over it. Died four years later on the anniversary. Hoping he is with his mates now. So to be honest Elijah Hael was a real comfort. Please keep writing......" - Donna

The above is an extract from a message I received from a friend who after asking gave permission to share publically.  I never knew about their loss. I'm deeply moved Elijah Hael has provided them some comfort during their grief. On another note, to the soldiers who fight for our freedoms, we love you, and appreciate what you do. And Neil, God bless you for the sacrifice you made. I, for one of many, salute you.

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