Sunday, August 04, 2013

Three Heartbeats: A Story From Meredith Andrews

Meredith starts by saying, "I had spent the previous 5 minutes on an emotional roller coaster of confusion, hopefulness, anger, astonishment and deep sadness. And I am still reeling. The account was what Amy Richards calls "selective reduction." Sounds harmless enough. But she's not referring to reducing her waist size, cutting spending, or eliminating clutter. The term refers to human life. As her story goes, Amy became pregnant in her 30s. With triplets ..."

A difficult situation.  I'm not sure how a person could live with themselves after making such a decision. Maybe that is where science has gone to far, to even give people the choice of something, that in effect may make their future extremely complicated? On the other side, it is possible it may of saved a life. I don't know the full story. Meredith's take, certainly is touching and raises a lot of questions.

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