Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy & Sad

Sad and happy day today. Sad in that I say goodbye to some loveable characters I have come to know over the past months. Happy in that I finished the manuscript for The Angelic Code. It is a hard feeling to describe. To come to the end of writing a story. I guess it is similar to reading a novel, sometimes you just do not want the story to end. You do not want to leave behind the characters you have gotten to know. As an author, in some ways that step is even more difficult. Before starting a manuscript, I have a good idea on how the story finishes. As I come close to the end, I feel a sense of longing. Knowing, I will be leaving the characters soon. Sad but happy.

I hope my fans enjoy this new story. I believe it to be my best work. Emotional, action, adventure, humorous at times, playful, deep, colourful, spiritual, many real locations, loveable characters and an ending the reader will never see coming, but one that makes sense. An ending that will stick with the reader for some time. For those who have read the previous two novels, you'll get a bigger kick from the ending. You'll need tissues, but not for sadness.

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