Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Besides writing novels I primarily develop software. An in-house project I've been working on called oneFlow™ is becoming close to retail ready. Well it is, retail ready, but I do need to create a little more training material. Videos, further help documents to help get people started without having to read the manual or ask questions. However, the system is very easy to pickup.

The main system itself is complete and available for download over on the oneFlow™ website.

oneFlow™ is an accounting system designed for the individual.  Programmers, writers, contractors, consultants, artists, enterprising individuals etc.  People who need to track their accounts, and in some cases time, but don't want to, or have time to be concerned with all the nitty gritty of legacy accounting systems.

I set out to develop an accounting system designed for todays computers, using available technology. This allowed revolutionary new ways to process accounts resulting in eliminating general ledger accounts, debit and credits, end of year procedures and various other tediums that were developed due to the availability of computing power at the time, and to keep in line with known manual systems.  Time has moved on, eliminating those requirements. Another added advantage is the system is fully dynamic allowing any entry to be modified at any time.

Friday, November 08, 2013

1 year on

1 year on, over 10,000 people have been touched by Elijah Hael's stories.

Thank you world.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Designing a book cover

Following is a stage by stage discussion on how I designed the book cover for novelist Brenda Brown Elliot's new novel coming out in early 2014 called "Into His Plan."

After an initial discussion with Brenda through Facebook chat I pictured an overview of what she was looking for.  The chat was fairly quick, Brenda very apptly described what she wanted and described emotions and scenes to help formulate a theme.

Stage 1

Source stock art to use for the base images on the cover.  Brenda had her heart set on including a white Ford Mustang in the cover.  This created a few problems.  Getting a photo of a Ford Mustang at the right angle to suit other images was pretty much going to be impossible without organizing a photo shoot. So after some searching I decided to settle on a 3D model which I could incorporate in the final design. Choosing the right images is typically the most time consuming part of the design process.

After some searching I chose the following three images and 3D model to work with.

Stage 2

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Elijah Hael - The Genetic Code review

Steve definitely captures his audience in this creative story of chased heroes and provocative pursuers. The adventure is worth the ride, as he unfolds a pleasingly techy tale of love and danger. You will be entertained and also drawn into this journey with each page.

Steve is an accomplished author with good writing skills. He develops the reality of the story's characters in a meaningful way. You may even find yourself wanting to help them in their quests. Steve's phrasing and paragraph structure does not inhibit the reader from easy reading - making it a pleasure to quickly advance to the next phase of each event. I recommend this book for anyone who likes edgy adventures.

Dave Paul Campbell - Pro Writer with a 30 million dollar international corporation; freelance writer; published author and self-published author.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Corporate Video

During creating trailers for my novels I've picked up a few skills that enable the assembling of corporate videos using various resources to promote products and or services.  If you are looking for one to be put together drop me a line via the contact page at

Sample below.

Saturday, November 02, 2013


I took this photo a while ago of a backyard visitor. Cute little fellow. The photo though suffered from a lot of camera blur which rendered the shot unusable.  New technology from Adobe allowed me to remove most of the shake, making it somewhat usable.  Could do with a little more work to clean up some of the fringe elements, like along the top of the branch.  Apart from that, considering the state of the original, the Adobe remove camera shake worked a treat.