Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Besides writing novels I primarily develop software. An in-house project I've been working on called oneFlow™ is becoming close to retail ready. Well it is, retail ready, but I do need to create a little more training material. Videos, further help documents to help get people started without having to read the manual or ask questions. However, the system is very easy to pickup.

The main system itself is complete and available for download over on the oneFlow™ website.

oneFlow™ is an accounting system designed for the individual.  Programmers, writers, contractors, consultants, artists, enterprising individuals etc.  People who need to track their accounts, and in some cases time, but don't want to, or have time to be concerned with all the nitty gritty of legacy accounting systems.

I set out to develop an accounting system designed for todays computers, using available technology. This allowed revolutionary new ways to process accounts resulting in eliminating general ledger accounts, debit and credits, end of year procedures and various other tediums that were developed due to the availability of computing power at the time, and to keep in line with known manual systems.  Time has moved on, eliminating those requirements. Another added advantage is the system is fully dynamic allowing any entry to be modified at any time.

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