Thursday, December 05, 2013

New Company Website

My company's website redesigned from the ground up focusing the services offered.

Over time companies can tend to drift into different areas and start becoming a Jack Of All Traits, rather than delivering excellent results in one particular area. When we see this happening, we reign things in and refocus. I called the mark to direct our development on particular areas, mainly:

Windows desktop applications
Windows 8.1 Apps
Windows Phone Apps
Office 365 centered solutions
Microsoft SQL Databases
Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions (Web Services, ASP .Net, MFC)
Responsive Web Sites (HTML5, CSS3)

We don't do Apple, nor Google (Android Products), however we do construct cross platform phone Apps where required through the use of Adobe Phone Gap.

Together with the launch of oneFlow, my new fiction novel "The Angelic Gene",  and the commencement of new software development projects, 2014 is looking to be an exciting year.

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