Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 - Writing, Business and Faith

2014, 10 days in, and a brilliant year it is.  I don’t get wound up in New Year resolutions. I’m the sort of person to wind myself up every day.  I see each moment as an opportunity to grow, and, being as impatient as I am, want to see the growth as soon as possible. Not wait until a year is over. Life is short!

2013 in many ways brought about large changes in my life due to releasing my first full length novel, Elijah Hael – The Last Judgement to the public in late 2012.  Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to find the time to diligently write Elijah Hael – The Genetic Code released in mid-2013.  Without pausing, I moved onto the third novel The Angelic Gene released a couple of weeks ago.  The novels have brought about new acquaintances, some of which are blossoming into rewarding friendships across the world. Today’s technology, as one of my readers Wendy pointed out is amazing in that it allows someone on the other side of the world to read one of my works, then send feedback, and from that establish a friendship over time. Wendy’s daughter, Jennifer, as a result was chosen for the model for the front cover of The Angelic Gene.  No doubt in the future I’ll plan a world tour and meet these wonderful people.

Business, my company Software Development Pty Ltd, is moving on with some exciting projects in 2014.  The most notable is the expansion of Aeropower’s Asset Management System to version 5.0 bringing about many new functions.  The software is used in major power companies across Australia and will shortly be introduced to other industry sectors.  Another exciting project we are working on for a client is MagMan which is launching this year and will change the way mine sites control their inventories utilising ultra-modern technology integrated with the cloud.

oneFlow™ has taken off with a flying start satisfying the accounting needs of individual entrepreneurs. Some great things are planned for oneFlow™ this year which will be announced in the coming months.

On a business note, I’m a strong believer in faith and how faith can empower a person to greatness. A book I refer to for the scientific fact behind that is “How God Changes Your Brain – Breakthrough findings from leading Neuroscientists” 

In 2013 I wrote a couple of articles for Faith DrivenBusiness, article 1, article 2, an organisation that specialises at helping people incorporate faith into their business. Faith is a powerful asset, which cannot be purchased, but can be received for those who are willing to pursue truth with an open heart and mind.

2014, here I come, all guns blazing, moving forward to new, exciting, and wonderful opportunities.


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