Sunday, January 19, 2014

Society 713

A sneak peak at the blurb for the new stories I’ve began working on. These writings will be released as short chronicles.  Similar to a television series each story will be independent but with interconnecting links and characters.

Society 713 (Working title)

Across the world, a group of questioners unknown to each other, disillusioned with life prayed to see beyond the hidden veils surrounding humanity. Their prayers were answered through harrowing experiences none of them anticipated. Some made the journey, some didn't. The ones who did were left with spiritual gifts.

The survivors were drawn together by an invisible force and formed Society 713.

“Are their more of us?” Williams asked.

“Possibly. We will find them.” Davidson replied.

Together, stripped of their old ways they stepped through the strait gate onto the narrow, difficult, path only a few find.

These are their stories.

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