Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snippets from a collection of reviews for one of my novels "The Angelic Gene".

Snippets from some "The Angelic Gene" reviews on Amazon US

"I enjoyed The Angelic Code very much, the story line was very catching I did not want to put it down, i really like the way Steve Goodwin writes it's very easy to lose your self in his writing, can't wait for his next book, or better still the movie version would be wonderful" - Irene Dyer

"The book is enjoyable and broaches myriad topics of the spiritual realm. It also pulls on the heartstrings more than once. The characters are appealing -- who wouldn't love a monk who is like a ninja warrior?" - C Stephans

"Goodwin has stated that The Angelic Gene has a special place in his heart and I can understand why, I can say the same for me as well. Won't forget this one in a hurry. I would love to see this made into a movie!! It would be a ripper!" - Peter Younghusband

"I've read the first two books in the series and enjoyed them immensely! The 3rd offering in the series wasn't a let down either! It jumps the gate and starts down the hill like a steamroller chasing an avalanche!" - C.M. Sinned

"I am wary when reading a book by an author I haven't heard of. I don't know whether I will like the book, or will have wasted my time. In this case, it was the former. The Angelic Gene kept my attention throughout the story, and I didn't get lost from a bunch of different plot points. Though two sides of the story unfolded simultaneously, both came together in the end, with a twist here and there." - Phillip Cole

"What a strange and uttering entertaining tale this is. This is so far out of the realm of books I normally read that I was surprised that I got caught up." - MikiHope

"I've read the outstanding first two books in this series and have finished the excellent third. The entire series is a winner and I hope that Goodwin has more coming down the pike." - K. Bolas

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