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Monday, June 09, 2014

“Sophia – The missing years (working title)”

“Sophia – The missing years (working title)”, my fourth novel in the Elijah Hael series opens with a chapter leaving those with a relationship with Christ flooded with endorphins. An experience takes place between the main protagonist, Sophia, and Jesus Christ. A situation so personal, some describe, holds the potential to carry the reader into the presence of Christ.

Throughout the novel Sophia walks by Jesus’s side who manifests himself as an unlikely character. This creates a personal relationship, a bond, between Christ and Sophia which the reader can share.

The story unfolds God’s own aching heart for fallen Angels, the catalyst for Shadows, and continues to reveal God’s own personal struggles as He watches sections of humanity consumed by sin.

Bold, daring, and personal this novel goes beyond adventuress bringing to life the true God given potential of Sophia. A capacity we all share.

Prepare yourself to walk by Christ’s side with Sophia and Michael in a novel that will lighten your world.

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