Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why no updates?

Been busy with work, I do apologise for not making more frequent posts to keep people update to date with future novels, and the goings on in the life of a software developer.

It's been a busy 12 months.  Over the period I have developed the following for current and new clients.

Aeropower AMS update to Aeropower AMS 5 including a new Data Entry system

ATAME - An online based cloud trust account auditing system.  ATAME is short for Auditing Trust Accounts Made Easy.  The client will be releasing this project shortly and I'll provide links to the relevant websites at that time.

TeacherAID - A system designed for teachers to aid in the responsibilities of running a classroom.  When the client releases this to the public I'll provide links to the relevant website.

Further work with DataTrap, Tunnel Teach and a new system called CivilTrap.  They are advanced engineering packages designed for real time data integration and adaptation from the field.  The systems allow feedback in real time for monitoring construction projects.  Part cloud based, part desktop, they are exciting systems to work on.

TrackerFly - A new cloud based project for a client to be released later this year.  Will discuss this further when the release date becomes a bit closer.

aHelp - An early personal alert system designed to ensure emergency services can locate and respond to distress calls supported by cloud technology and advanced locating devices that work indoors and out.

oneFlow Pro - Developing for Dental Depot using our oneFlow project as the base to handle their full accounting, inventory control and service management requirements.  Dental Depot have been using the system I designed nearly two decades ago called Argosoft Accounting and require a suitable replacement.  Hence they have contracted myself to produce that.  The system incorporates some really neat advanced technology taking Accounting, Inventory Control and Service management to completely new dynamic ways of management, leaving legacy systems behind.  oneFlow can be run in Microsoft Azure Cloud or on local desktops allowing the user to choose what works best for them, and in some cases a mixture of both.