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Saturday, May 30, 2015

"the fluidity of this story was awesome"

"I am so glad that I had the chance to read this story (Elijah Hael - The Genetic Code). It was great!! Mr. Goodwin's writing style was wonderful. His descriptions of each character were very detailed and the way he writes his characters thoughts are realistic. I really enjoyed his writing style, it was easy to follow, descriptive, his transitions were smooth; overall, the fluidity of this story was awesome. I haven't read a book with great writing in a while and it was so re...freshing for my eyes and brain.
This story will definitely keep a reader wanting more. There were lots of suspenseful and action packed events that kept the story interesting and intriguing. I loved that Mr. Goodwin had very descriptive information on the advanced technology. It wasn't too in depth where a reader couldn't understand it in the story. I enjoyed the intricacies with the combined technology and biology, it was a very unique idea.
I enjoyed all the characters in this book. Mr. Goodwin really brings each character's personality out. They were realistic and relatable. He was thorough with most of the characters in describing each characters thoughts and why they had these thoughts. He described each characters physical traits, their non verbal communication methods and their physical movements very well. The characters were very different from one another and they were all likable, even the villains.

Overall, I would highly recommend this story for anyone that wants to read a thrilling, thought provoking action adventure with a touch of romance.

I haven't read the first book but I will definitely be picking it up since I want to get to know Elijah more. Out of all the characters, I thought Elijah was lacking a little but I think that was probably due to the fact that he had his own book. Mr. Goodwin hints at that in this book."

- Jennifer (via Amazon / Goodreads)

Thanks Jennifer! Glad you enjoyed the story. And you are correct about Elijah Hael. The first book, goes into his story in quite some depth. Great to see you pickup on that hint!

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Enthusiasm for learning is amazing & contagious!

My 11 year old daughter got a merit certificate today at school. She gets one every now and then, but this one had a great comment I thought I would share.

"This certificate has been awarded for having an amazing growth mindset. Your enthusiasm for learning is amazing & contagious!" - P. Johnson.

I hope she keeps that attitude all her life.

Elijah Hael - The Genetic Code review by a Independent Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock

Independent Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock

The Genetic Cody by Steve Goodwin, is the second book in the Elijah Hael series, but can be read an a standalone book. I suggest this book for young adults and adults.

There are two sets of main characters in this story. The humans are Nya and her boyfriend Isaac. Nya has just finished a decade long project to decode “Junk” DNA. Before she even has time to celebrate, a man named Cain is trying to steel it.

The other set is the angels Elijah, Sophia and Castiel. They are trying to protect Nya and Isaac from Cain. Cain wants to use it to help “The Shadows”. The shadows are sort of like a demon.

To make things worse, Nya is sick and has avoided her illness for years. But now it is catching up with her. Will she stay safe from Cain? Can she still have a life with Isaac before the illness takes her.

If you like sci-fi with some heartache, then I suggest this book. It takes a new look at God, Creation and Evolution.

- Raina Collins via Goodreads

Monday, May 04, 2015

Elijah Hael - The Genetic Code review - a must read for everyone

"Elijah Hael - The Genetic Code by Steve Goodwin is a must read for everyone. Once you open to the first page, it will grab you tightly, hold you down tightly and you'll watch those pages turn and turn and turn some more until you get to the last page. You will find it hard to put down until you finish reading it. Make sure you have your seatbelt on as you travel through this tale of love and danger. As you read you will be drawn in and feel as though you are a part of the story. This book gives you a good look on Christian living and a new and different interpretation of angels. I highly recommend this book to everyone. I look for more from Steve Goodwin."

- Marjorie - via Goodreads