Friday, January 29, 2016

Turning dreams into reality

Eight years ago Jared Mann, a young man with a dream, came to my company Software Development Pty Ltd with an idea to turn a spreadsheet he had created into a commercial software program. That idea was realised into what is known today as Pairtrade Finder. A pair trading software package for Microsoft Windows. He successfully marketed the solution across the globe, earning his freedom to live life as he wants, leaving behind his full-time job at an investment bank. Over the 2015 Christmas period, Jared sold the project to a U.K. company, Event Driven Investor Research LLC, who will continue to grow and market the software. As a developer, it’s great seeing people’s dreams come to life. It’s what I wish for all persons whom we help to turn their dreams into reality. Jared continues to innovate and fill niches in the marketplace as a successful entrepreneur.

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