Sunday, August 05, 2018

"This story caught me by surprise because I was captivated from the start."

Extract from a new 5/5 review on my novel “The Angelic Gene”. I love reading how people summarise the story in their own way. “This story caught me by surprise because I was captivated from the start. A man brings a woman into the hospital and he says the future depends on her living. As the doctor is trying to save her the man dies. Along with him so does the woman. But not before giving birth to a baby girl. The girl who is named Sophia ends up at an orphanage run by sisters. Since that is the only life she knows and she has made a very good friend named Anna, she does not want to get adopted. One day someone or something appears and wants Sophia. The sisters do not give her up and take their fate as it comes. Sophia and Anna are on the run for their lives from someone. The story is amazing and the characters are believable. While it has some supernatural ties to it, I really enjoyed reading this book and had a hard time putting it down. I must read the others to see what happens to Sophia. I do not want to give the whole story away but I really felt that this author has a great sense of imagination and story telling. I am excited about getting the others in this series” - Laura Hundrey via Goodreads. Thanks Laura, appreciate the feedback.

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