Saturday, February 01, 2020


TunnelTrap is a software system my company Software Development Pty Ltd developed for John Heilig and Associates, an engineering consultancy firm, that is being used in the planning and construction of tunnels across the world. The system uses advanced algorithms to predict vibration and noise overpressure levels generated by tunnel boring machines, or explosives in the environment and particular buildings taking into account underground rock types.

TunnelTrap displays data in various report formats using advanced contouring routines, kmz output, auto cad exports, charting and customisable Excel templating. The camera system in Tunneltrap allows for high quality satellite imagery which is then used to plot over. We continue to work on TunnelTrap adding new features making the planning of tunnels faster and the construction safer while reducing the impact on the environment. Recent enhancements included the ability to detect vibrations on particular floors of building, a fully customisable programmable built in algorithm system. It's rewarding to drive through a tunnel, like the Brisbane North South Tunnel, knowing that software used to assist in the planning and construction was developed by my company.

Friday, January 31, 2020

What is propelo™?

Propelo™ , a system, I’ve been lucky enough to have been part of the development is designed by Dr Brianna Fjeldsoe from the School of Public Health at The University of Queensland. The system is a culmination of over a decade of research, and various software development, into what works to help people change their behaviour using highly tailored but automated text coaching.

Propelo™ started with a simplistic version of the concept and grew into a fully available commercial version through UniQuest, The University of Queensland’s commercial arm. As a developer, being able to work on solutions that are used to help people live better lives, assist with recovery from physical and or mental illness has always been a passion of mine. I hope to continue to do more in this field in the future.

Some areas Propelo has been used in:

  • Pit-a-Pat, developed to help parents provide more opportunities for active play and reduced screen time (e.g. TV viewing) for their young children. 
  • Cancer Rehab, extending care for cancer rehabilitation clients through tailored text messages to extend the content and duration of a clinical exercise rehabilitation clinic for people living with and beyond cancer. 
  • Txt4Two , a personally-tailored program that supports pregnant women to achieve their goals for a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and healthy gestational weight gain. 
  • Get Healthy Service, a free, nationally-available lifestyle coaching service. The Propelo team developed ‘Get Healthy, Stay Healthy’ to extend the initial program and support clients to maintain positive changes in their dietary behaviour, physical activity and weight. 
  • Healthy Living after Cancer, a program offered by a number of Cancer Councils around Australia to support people living with cancer meet their lifestyle goals. 
  • mHealth program to extend the initial program and support clients to maintain positive changes in their dietary behaviour, physical activity, and weight. 

See more at Propelo

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Great Story - (An "The Angelic Gene" Review via Amazon)

An orphanage is the only home Sophia has ever known. The sisters that run it, the orphans, and her "sister" Anne are the only family she has. When she is forced to leave, and face someone that is trying to kill her, she has no idea why. Steve Goodwin weaves her story in The Angelic Gene. Sophia has to learn about herself, but she also has to learn to trust people that want to help her. She maintains a strong trust in God, even when she doesn't understand His ways. Being caught in a struggle to protect herself, her family, and the world in general forces her to mature quickly. There are several spiritual themes in the book, besides the obvious nuns and monks. Putting the needs of others before your own is prominent, and faith is spoken of freely by the characters. I am wary when reading a book by an author I haven't heard of. I don't know whether I will like the book, or will have wasted my time. In this case, it was the former. The Angelic Gene kept my attention throughout the story, and I didn't get lost from a bunch of different plot points. Though two sides of the story unfolded simultaneously, both came together in the end, with a twist here and there. Philip Cole