Saturday, February 01, 2020


TunnelTrap is a software system my company Software Development Pty Ltd developed for John Heilig and Associates, an engineering consultancy firm, that is being used in the planning and construction of tunnels across the world. The system uses advanced algorithms to predict vibration and noise overpressure levels generated by tunnel boring machines, or explosives in the environment and particular buildings taking into account underground rock types.

TunnelTrap displays data in various report formats using advanced contouring routines, kmz output, auto cad exports, charting and customisable Excel templating. The camera system in Tunneltrap allows for high quality satellite imagery which is then used to plot over. We continue to work on TunnelTrap adding new features making the planning of tunnels faster and the construction safer while reducing the impact on the environment. Recent enhancements included the ability to detect vibrations on particular floors of building, a fully customisable programmable built in algorithm system. It's rewarding to drive through a tunnel, like the Brisbane North South Tunnel, knowing that software used to assist in the planning and construction was developed by my company.

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