Steve Goodwin

Broad experience base in software and systems design, development, implementation and installation, Microsoft Azure full stack development, web page design and development, client relations, team management and project coordination.

Reputation for a willingness to share knowledge and expertise and for successfully tackling challenging and complex projects in new areas.

Demonstrated ability to define client needs and to work collaboratively to develop solutions to enhance client business outcomes and capabilities. The creativity and flair needed to devise cost effective business solutions using leading edge technology.

Highly motivated with the work ethic, determination, stamina and perseverance required to complete projects to client specifications without cutting corners while maintaining high levels of productivity.

Strong management and leadership skills, with the ability to bring out the best in teams. Good communication skills when talking to team members and stake holders with the ability to bridge the gap between technical and non technical people.

What I can do for you

Software Development

Software development solutions created for the individual, small business, organisations, or enterprises. Ideas or specifications developed into working affordable solutions.

Project Management

Project management for internal or outsourced development teams to ensure the development project is delivered on time, to a high standard and to specification.

Techhnology Consultancy

Create software development and or techonlogy solutions to solve simple to complex problems.  Assist in developing ideas into fully functional solutions utilising the latest technological advantages.


Train individuals, or teams in software operation, design theory, programming techniques, standard recipes and management of DevOps processes for seamless agile development using continuous integration and continuous deployment.


Fun facts

Happy Clients


Working Hours


Projects Completed


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30 Years of Experience


2003 - Current
Software Development Pty Ltd
company owner

Technology Director, Senior Solutions Architect, Senior Software Engineer

Provide programming, software design, team management, and business productivity solutions to enhance the performance and capabilities of commercial enterprises.

1994 - 2003
Software Support Pty Ltd
company owner

Systems Engineer / Programmer

Provided software support and related computer services, including the supply of computer systems to home users, small and medium sized business. Installations included systems comprising up to 100 workstations and server installations, Thin Clients and Personal Computers. Also provided custom software development, web design, web development, intranet, internet and IT consulting services.

1993 - 1994
Total Office Systems

Systems Engineer

Provided computerised office solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

1992 - 1993
Dollar Curtains

Software Developer

Developed inventory control and point of sale systems.

1991 - 1992
Goodwin’s Computer Services

Information Technology

Sold and supported computer systems to home users and small business.

Experienced With

  • GIT Source Control
  • Continous Deployment
  • Continous Integration
  • Containerisation
  • Rest Services
  • API Development
  • Web Components
  • Microsoft Open XML
  • SSRS Reporting
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Event Grid
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Web Apps
  • SendGrid
  • Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Azure Full Stack

5+ years

Microsoft .Net, ASP, .Net Core

10+ years

Microsoft Entity Framework

8+ years

Windows Forms, WPF, UWP

10+ years

Coding Skills

Agile Development

10+ years


10+ years

TypeScript, Javascript

5+ years


10+ years

Unit Testing

10+ years

Database Related

Microsoft SQL Server

10+ years

Transact SQL

10+ years

Object Relational Models

10+ years

Data Migration

10+ years

Management Related

Senior Software Engineer

10+ years

Senior Solutions Architect

10+ years

Project / Team Leader

10+ years

Accounting / Financial

10+ years


10+ years

Portfolio (snapshot)

Selection of past and current projects

oneflow™ Enterprise

Inventory management, service management, scheduling, and many advanced features. Coupled with a unique underlying programmable artificial intelligence system, oneFlow Enterprise aims to assist in enterprise financial, inventory control, customer relations, invoicing, purchasing, quoting management procedures.


Psychometric assessment profile designer, creator and global management system which has helped countless professionals, team leaders, managers, business owners and human resources experts to harness human potential to develop high performing individuals and teams. An Azure full stack cloud based system.


A powerful platform designed to make tailored provider-to-client messaging a reality. The platform enables user to create, send and track personalised messages to clients on individualised schedules, as well as two-way messaging management. Developed for Uniquest (The University of Queensland).

Magman Mining Software

Innovative software applications designed specifically for the mining industry, reducing time and simplifying site processes particularly in the areas of Explosives Magazine Stock Control and Short Interval Control and shift management for operational supervisors.

Tunnel Tech

Allows for the analysis of blast and or drilling data to be viewed in a visual format utilising the power of Google Earth. Tunnel Tech creates a KML file consisting of Heat Maps, Contour Grids, Receivers and Segments to allow for an in-depth analysis on the effect of a blast, or tunnelling will have on surrounding areas. Used on projects such as the Clem 7 Tunnel, Airport Tunnel and many other projects.


A system designed to provide real time reporting on monitoring of vibrations caused by construction or excavation. The real time data can be viewed using Google Earth generated data for visual representation. Real time alerts can be configured using SMS.

Aeropower Software

Over 15 years we have worked closely with Aeropower Pty Ltd developing software. Including, helicopter safety systems using lasers to determine clearance distances. Vegetation scanning software which calculates and plots conductor clearances. A main data collection and management solution which collects photos and inspection data in the field using cameras, tablets and GPS referencing. The data is managed in an Asset-Management System allowing for reporting, integration and manipulation. A Cloud solution allows delivery to end users through web browsers. Companies in Australia and overseas utilise the solution, including Powerlink Queensland, Western Power, Transend and Tas Networks.


With Phil DeStoop I developed a system that allows for extensive Trust Account Auditing. One of the benefits of the system is the interactive nature that allows for complete customisation of the trust account auditing processes. This feature allows super administrators to create the required Trust Account Auditing processes necessary for different industries and jurisdictions. ATAME end users benefit from improving the quality of Trust Account Auditing while making trust account auditing more profitable.


Software development portion of the BeUpstanding toolkit for The University of Queensland (School of Population Health) designed to raise awareness and build a supportive culture to create a ‘dynamic’ workplace where sitting less and moving more is the norm.


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